Kids With Special Needs



We believe that people of all abilities have the right to dance, move, sing and explore their artistic potential. We offer dynamic and engaging programs to all individuals with developmental and/or physical challenges from infant to adult. Our unique styles and approaches to the art provides participants with a multi-faceted foundation for creative expression through visual arts, movement, and music; aiming to build a lively, creative and diverse community. Our mission reinforces appreciation for the arts as creative disciplines with distinct emphasis on their power to heal, motivate and inspire.

Many children with special needs show interest in learning an instrument, but are not able to benefit from traditional music lessons. Our special education music teachers specialize in adapting instructional methods based on the child’s individual strengths and learning style. Adaptations may include the following:

  • Color-coding for children who are not able to read traditional music notation
  • Focus on the child’s preferred songs and music genres
  • Use of musical exploration and improvisation to increase creativity
  • Use of sensory breaks and activities to incorporate whole body learning
  • Use of flash cards and manipulative materials
  • Incorporating movement activities in traditional format lesson
  • Repertoire adaptation

We offer 2 options:

Individual Adaptive Piano Lessons and Group Music Classes 

Special Stars Music  (all ages, 30 minutes)

This group class designed for kids with special needs.  Music can be very therapeutic for everyone but especially for children with special needs. This fun class includes interactive teaching methods and behavioral modification techniques where they are necessary. Children participate in musical activities that focus on interaction and socialization skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Finger plays, songs, playing instruments and movement enhance your child’s development with special attention to individual needs. Parents are welcome!

Individuals who received adaptive piano lessons may have had any of the following special needs: Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Cognitive Delays, Vision Impairments, Tourrette Syndrome, Learning Disabilities including Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities or Mental Illness, Mild Physical Impairments, etc.