Kids Dance Classes Description and Fee

Parent -Tot (1 -2 yrs, 30 minutes)

This is an introductory dance class where parents assist their youngest children through their first dance class.  Moms, Dads, or other family members accompany their own Tiny Tot as they learn the first stages of real ballet and jazz to familiar tunes. They’ll also enjoy floor gymnastics, and elements of yoga, all through music, motion, fun songs and games!
Please pre-register.

Creative Movement (2-3 yrs,  45 minutes)

Introductory movement class designed to help boys and girls enjoy the expressive art of dance.  Your little one will interact directly, one-on-one with their professional dance instructor. They learn to take turns, stand in line, follow directions, and cooperate with others.  They learn a few ballet terms as well as marching, hopping, and galloping.  This class prepares the student for Princess/Prince Ballet class.
Please pre-register.

Princess/Prince Ballet (3-4 yrs, 45 minutes)

Students learn basic ballet technique with hops, skips, jumps, slides gallops and turns. They LOVE to dress up and make up stories and dances. These fun-filled imaginative classes ingrain the basic foundations of ballet into the child’s kinesthetic memory without  intimidation.
Please pre-register.

Pre-Ballet I (4-5 yrs, 45 minutes)

This class introduces students to music and movement, basic ballet terminology and ballet positions. Emphasis is on alignment, musicality, grace, and expression. This class sets a strong foundation in beginning skills to make a safe and successful transition to Pre-ballet II.
Please pre-register.

Pre-Ballet II, III (5-6 yrs, 45 minutes)

In Pre-Ballet II, III students learn ballet basics to align and strengthen their bodies in preparation for more advanced work. Through barre and centre work, children will link steps into combinations and learn to
express a story through fluid movement. After completion of Pre-Ballet II, III students are graduated to
Ballet I.
Please pre-register.

Ballet I, Ballet II + Technique( 7 and up, 2 hours)

Ballet students will focus on the ballet positions and movements, proper body alignment and placement, and ballet vocabulary.  Dancers will develop musicality, flexibility, strength, memorization skills, discipline, and artistic expression in a nurturing environment.
Please pre-register.

Introduction to Hip Hop (6-7 yrs, 45 minutes)

In this class young dancers will be introduced to the basic hip-hop routines and choreography.
Please pre-register.

Hip Hop I and II (8 and up, 1 hour)

Learn basic hip-hop techniques and unique choreography inspired by music videos and street dance.  Footwork and gesture are combined to create varying styles of movement that are meaningful, age appropriate and hours of fun.
Please pre-register.

Dancing With Stars I and II (6 and up, 1 hour)

Children will be learning a variety of Ballroom and latin dances just like the celebrities on the show “Dancing with the Stars”, including: Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Salsa, Merengue, Foxtrot, Tango and Waltz.  Students will be educated in the proper technique and the styling of each dance.  It is a fun class and will teach your child grace, balance, and great posture.
Please pre-register.

KinderDance ( 3-5 yrs, 45 minutes)

This combination class begins with a warm-up and teaches students basic ballet, jazz and hip hop technique, terminology, and movements. This class is designed to teach the students ballet, jazz and hip hop  fundamentals while enhancing rhythm, motor skills and timing in a fun environment.
Please pre-register.

Intro Jazz (7 and up, 1 hour)

Introduction to Jazz is designed to introduce young students to Jazz and Lyrical forms of Dance which develops rhythm,  coordination, strength, and flexibility. This energetic class introduces the students to the principles of jazz technique on the beginning level encouraging individual style.

Rhythm & Beyond Show Team (7 and up, 1 hour)

The ultimate goal of dance training is the performance!  Until the dance student performs for a live audience, their training is incomplete.  Many dance students will perform only once a year-on a stage in the recital.  The R&B performance company is a group of more serious dancers who desire more than that once-a-year opportunity.  The performance company has more opportunities to be in the spotlight and share their talent with others. R&B Performance Company is dedicated to giving back to the community. Our team participates in local events and parades. R&B performance dancers are a fun and friendly group that have many planned activities throughout the year. 

All company members will be required to take at least one Ballet class per week and a Performance Company Class.

Please pre-register for any of the offered classes. We will contact you on the availability of the chosen classes by email.


Yearly registration fee is $25 per student and $35 per family

2016-2017 Season Tuition

Hours per week Monthly tuition

1 Semester

Sept 6, 2016 – Dec 23, 2016

2 Semester

Jan 4-June 28, 2017

Summer Semester

July 6-Aug 29, 2016

30 mins

$60 $240 $360 $116

45 Mins

$64 $256  $384 $124

60 mins

$68 $272



2nd Class

10% Discount

3rd Class

15% Discount

4th  Class 20% Discount

To learn Rhythm & Beyond payment terms please visit our Dance School Rules page.