Group Music Lessons

Do-Re-Mi – Sing with Me ( 6 month -3 years, 30 minutes) 8 weeks session
A joyful first music experience. Tots and parents sing songs, play musical games and explore different musical instruments. This class provides a rich musical environment for you and your child. Through musical activities your child’s musical aptitude and listening abilities are enhanced and further developed. 6 month to 3 -year-olds  team up with their favorite songs and games. Children are born with natural abilities for sound and rhythm, and our teachers just help them to keep a beat and sing in tune. This class offer an informal, family-like setting that ‘s perfect for nurturing young learners. Through the participation of their parents and caregivers, children learn that music cab be for everyone. Pre-register

Music for Little Mozarts I (3 -6years old; 45 minutes) 8 weeks session
Join the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse as they travel from play room to the practice room to the recital hall. Music for Little Mozarts combines age-appropriate piano instruction with general musicianship activities to promote overall musical development. Skills taught include listening, pitch matching, keyboard technique and performance, singing, rhythm, movement, and music appreciation. Keyboard is required. Group and individual lessons are available. Pre-register

Musikgarten: At the Keyboard (6-9 years old, 45 minutes) 8 weeks session
This method for groups of young beginners features a variety of activities which lay the foundation for keyboard success. The program features an aural approach to music learning, building on songs children have come to love. This provides a natural pathway to reading music while building a much-loved piano repertoire. Small group lessons at the keyboard capitalize on your child’s delight in making music with others and allow the children to gallop through the beginning keyboard levels with delight.

After attending Little Mozarts and Musikgarten classes  for a certain period of time, your child will be well prepared for private lessons where they will acquire basic knowledge of music theory and transition smoothly to a one on one type of lesson. Pre-register

Special Stars Music (all ages, 30 minutes) 8 weeks session
This group class designed for kids with special needs.  Music can be very therapeutic for everyone but especially for children with special needs. This fun class includes interactive teaching methods and behavioral modification techniques where they are necessary. Children participate in musical activities that focus on interaction and socialization skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Finger plays, songs, playing instruments and movement enhance your child’s development with special attention to individual needs. Parents are welcome! Pre-register

Music Theory I      8 weeks session
A solid foundation in music theory helps students  build and improve their music literacy and their ability to think more analytically and creatively about their own playing. Students enjoy group games and activities while learning the musical concepts of rhythm, melody and harmony. Pre-register

Music Theory II     8 weeks session
Further study of theoretical musical terms and definitions. Introduction to inversions, cadences, diminished and augmented triads, compound time signatures versus simple. Ear training: intervals through octave, scales, triads, inversions, and melodic dictations. Pre-register


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Private Piano (6 and up, 30, 45 and 60 minutes)
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We offer piano lessons for students of all ages and abilities from beginners to very advanced. We offer every style of piano lessons from classical to jazz and pop.

Private Guitar (6 and up)
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We offer guitar lessons for students of all ages and abilities from beginners to very advanced. We offer Rock, Blues, Classical, Country, Acoustic, Metal, Folk, Ska, Alternative, Melodic, Rockabilly, and more.. Learn Notes, Tabs, Chords, Scales.

Private Voice
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We offer voice lessons for students of all ages and abilities from beginners to very advanced. We offer every style of piano voice from classical to jazz and pop.

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