Dress Code


  • BREAK DANCE, HIP HOP: white t-shirt and black sweat pants, black jazz shoes.
  • BALLROOM: black jazz pants, white t-shirt, and black jazz shoes.
  • BALLET: black shorts, white t-shirt, black ballet sleepers.



  • JAZZ: Solid black leotard, black jazz pants, and black jazz shoes
  • HIP HOP: white t-shirt, black sweat pants, and black jazz shoes.
  • BALLET, PRINCESS BALLET: pink leotard, pink skirt, pink tights, and pink leather ballet sleepers.
  • BALLROOM: black leotard, black skirt, black jazz shoes, tights
  • HAIR Must be in a bun for Ballet Basics and above. For all other classes, hair must be secured off the face and neck. NO JEWELRY.

Appropriate shoes and dance attire must be worn to all practices.

Street clothes and shoes are not allowed to be worn in practices.