Our Achievements


Our studio participates in a variety of performance events throughout the course of the year.  Students of all ages and ability levels have the opportunity to participate in formal recitals and festivals, as well as fun, informal community performances.   There’s an event on this list for everyone!


Sonata-Sonatina Festival. Music Institute of Chicago.  

This annual competitive event consists of performances in front of two judges.  Students perform two movements from a Sonatina chosen from a list of works in their appropriate level.  It is designed to give students critiques on their performances. They also receive a blue ribbon for participating, and those who score 90-100 receive medals: gold, silver and bronze. Gold medalists may play in the winners’ recitals at Regenstein Hall a week after the Festival.


Joy Chavez – Silver Medal
Daniela Ostrov – Silver Medal
Jenna Mogil – Silver Medal
Nathalie Kitaychik – Silver Medal
Kara Sung – Silver Medal
Ally Bardas – Silver Medal
Eileen Chavez – Bronze Medal

Emilia Tshilds, Bronze medal
Joy Chavez, Silver Medal
Eileen Chavez, Bronze Medal
Jenna Mogil, Silver Medal
Nicolette Tshilds, blue ribbon
Ally Bardas, blue ribbon

Emilia Tshilds, Silver medal
Joy Chavez, Silver medal
Nicolette Tshilds, Bronze medal
Ally Bardas, Bronze Medal

Nicolette Tshilds, Silver medal
Edward Paulissian, Silver medal
Emilia Tshilds, Silver medal
Richard Hen, Silver medal
Joy Chavez, Bronze medal

Achievement in Music Program. North Shore Music Teachers Association.
Northwestern University, Evanston

This program consists of 12 progressive levels. Each level requires proficiency in performance, music terminology, rhythm and pulse development, sight-playing, scales, written theory, and ear-training. Students may enter any level. The test provides a music event evaluating the progressive growth of ALL students – those studying music as a hobby as well as those aspiring to enter the music world professionally. For this event, students prepare two/three solo selections to be performed in front of a judge.  Each student receives a written critique and award.  Students also showcase their knowledge of theory through a written theory exam.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to receive outside feedback on their skills in a positive festival environment. Students take theory test in January and performance exam in April.

Nikolai Tyurin  completed level 1C,     2016
Nathalie Kitaychik completed level 2   2016
Peter Seitzinger completed level 2     2016
Eileen Chavez completed level 4      2016
Daniela Ostrov completed level 11     2016

Studio recitals are held two times a year. This is a student’s time to share with family and friends their joy of music.

Look at our Spring 2016 Piano Recital program at the Park Ridge Public Library

Winter Holiday concert. Students perform one or two favorite Christmas and Hanukkah pieces.

Winter Holiday Piano Recital 2015 

Winter Holiday Piano Recital 2016

Summer Students recital. This is our end of the school-year finale!  Studio Summer recitals will showcase student performances and creative projects.  All students are encouraged to participate in one of two recitals.

Sometimes there are performance opportunities around the community that can fulfill a student’s community service requirements for their school.  Performances for people in assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospice, shelters and other opportunities can be arranged and are highly rewarding for all who participate.